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Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Another moment worth remembering for Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club, YES! THE PERFECT 10.

Recalling sometime around July last year (2012), when our term started, our Area Governor – Toastmaster Jason Wong set a target for all clubs under his govern. He said: ” The first club in Area H4 that achieve PERFECT 10 will be awarded BOWMORE Whiskey by his personal contribution.”

Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club MADE it! And our AG PRESENTED it.

Thank you AG for the personal contribution.

And, what is behind this Whiskey is not drinking and getting our club member drunk, it is the outcome of the great leadership by a few, by our President Toastmaster IC Ooi, VPE Toastmaster Shamsher, also not forgetting, our great senior who was also the Immediate District Governor, DTM Sue Chan who are always the 3 strong members that lead us and guide us. Of course, we would not have made it without the great effort by every team member in terms of membership contribution, Toastmaster achievement and consistent involvement in the Toastmaster activity. Besides, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you some of the visiting Toastmaster who always be with us and give us valuable advise, one of them is YS Lee from our sister club, MEF Toastmaster Club.

I am pleased to present to you,

The Moment of Truth,

The Moment To Remember,

The First Achiever of PERFECT 10

Congratulation to the District 51 Humorous Speech Champion 2010

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

It gives me great pleasure and pride to share this great news with you…

A HUGE Congratulation to the District 51 Humorous Speech Champion 2010/2011!

Yeah... I did it!

This is the best ever result from Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club. The champion has truly inspired all of us who present at KL Semi Annual Convention. Our club’s last winner at district level was LEGT Sue Chan on 2004, a lapsed of 6 years!

Well done, IC. We are so proud of you!!

Humorous Speech Contest 2010
Champion: Ooi Ing Chyuan (Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club – Division H)
1st Runner Up: Zarina Mustafa (USM Toastmasters Club – Division N)
2nd Runner Up: Lee Xi Wen (TTDI Toastmasters Club – Division W)

Congrat to all other winners!

On top of that, our club was also recognized at the KL Semi-Annual Convention for President’s Distinguished Club 2009/2010.

President’s Distinguished Club Status – We have hit the PERFECT TEN!

Monday, June 28th, 2010

We Did It!

We have achieved President’s Distinguished Club status, Toastmasters highest Club award, by meeting all ten club goals!

Being a Seberang Jaya Toastmasters, we should be very proud. I know I am! And the personal growth of each of our members shines brightly just to prove it.

President's Distinguished Club Status - We have hit the PERFECT TEN!

It is indeed the team effort that made this Simply Amazing.

We WORK as a team, We MOVE as a team and We GROW as a team!

Our Club Meeting
1st CC for SJTMC in this term was achieved by Justin
Get Together at Christmas Party

Congratulation to all the members for this outstanding performance…

and not forget our President – Jessica Tan for her great leadership!

Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club – First DTM

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Our first Distinguished Toastmasters, DTM Sue Chan!

Sue Chan – DTM’s Journey