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Our New Year Meeting in 2013 !!!

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Dear All ~ Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club members, Toastmaster & all guests!!!

Welcome to our Happy New Year Club Meeting’s Page… When we say Happy New Year Club Meeting, it is really on New Year Day itself, that’s right, on 1st January 2013!

This, is a very special meeting for us, for everyone, as it is the first day and the beginning of the year.

Everything is new, where a new year comes, so is/are new plan(s).

Our theme for this New Year Meeting: Walking The Path

Where we have consciously or unconsciously walking down our path all this long, WHAT is the path that we will be choosing for this new year of 2013 and on wards?

Are we going to walk the same path or are we changing our path?

We are grateful to have all Toastmasters and visiting Toastmasters sharing their opinion on this very personal topic.














In this meeting, we also:
1. Celebrate Birthday with Toastmaster Club Member (YY Tan)
2. Food exchange, where most of us brought food, put together and eat together!
3. Presenting Special Gifts (Koala Bear Figures) to all Table Topics Speakers
4. Vote out the best Table Topic Speakers of the night
5. Last but not least, Have FUN!!!

From the bottom of our heart, we thank all Toastmasters who have spent their precious night of New Year with us. We hope that you have brought home something valuable and all the best for the YEAR 2013! We hope to see you again in our meetings in 2013.

Thank you.

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Last Meeting of 2012 + 4th Quarter Birthday Celebration!!!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Here today on 18th December 2012, We, the Seberang Jaya Toastmaster celebrated our last club meeting for year 2012 & also, our 4th Quarter Birthday for 2012.

We are really grateful to have all the guests here, in our club.










We manage to capture our guest lists from the board. (Although informal)

Our theme for the night : Follow Your Heart

Indeed, we sincerely hope every one of us, Toastmasters or Guests having a great great moments, throughout this Year 2012.

For the good moments, we appreciate & enjoy for this might be one of the best moment in our life.

For the “Not So Good” moments, let us follow the positive side of our heart, be strong and keep moving forward with a smile. For life is an on going process and we are here to enjoy the process, but not to stop at any point.

Dear Guests, we hope that you enjoy every moment with us for the night, especially in the Table Topic Session & our 4th Quarter Birthday Celebration!

We wish you Happy Birthday, visiting Toastmaster & Guests!

We look forward to meeting you in our next meeting on 1st January 2013.


Moment of Meeting @ 18/Sept/2012

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Fellow Toastmasters & visitors, highlight for our Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club Meeting on 18 September 2012:

1) Award Giving by our Immediate Past Area Governor

Congratulation to Toastmaster Kah Moey, Shamsher Singh Thind & Jeffrey Ooi. Besides, not to forget those receiver who were not around, they were Toastmaster Erik Ooi, Justin & Yi Xi.


2) Speeches by 2 visiting Toastmaster from MEF


3) Final Project Speeches (Project # 10), Competent Communicator, finished by 2 SJTMC members.


4) 2012 “3rd Quarter Birthday Celebration”



5) EGM for Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club Term 2011/2012

Last but not least, attendee of the night:



Dear All, see all of you in the next meeting.


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Toastmaster 2012/2013 ~ Ready, Get Set & GO !!!

Sunday, September 9th, 2012











A new committee, a new look, with new passion to achieve even more.

We, Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club, are ready for the upcoming challenges.

Toastmaster & Guest, ARE YOU READY?

For our first 2 meeting in July’2012, we manage to capture our Club Photo as below:





















Snapshot of Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club President Term 2012/2013, Toastmaster IC Ooi (CC) giving his first president speech.









And together, let’s Rolls !

Please keep yourself posted with our activities & for non-member, we sincerely welcome you to join us in our meeting…

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Moments @ Our Meeting (July & August 2012)

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

In meeting, we not only speak, we learn from each other, improve, challenge ourselves by taking up different roles

and last but not least, we celebrate together.

Moments when we are in the meeting.












Celebrating Quarter Birthday (May – July ’2012) for Toastmaster Members & Guests:





















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