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19th Semi Annual Convention 2011–Malacca

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Last weekend, from 21st ~ 23rd October,  we attended the 19th Semi Annual Convention in Malacca, one of the cultural heritage states in Malaysia.

There were 5 of us, to support our Division champion in Humorous Speech!

5 of us, joining with our Division H governor, Phang Wai Keong DTM
and one of the convention committee members, Joyce Loh

We reached Malacca in the morning of 21st October.

The morning view of Malacca

The first night in the convention, we had dinner with the theme:
Baba & Nyonya Welcome Night!

Baba & Nyonya Welcome Night

Photo taken together with the Past International President (PIP), Gary Schmidt DTM and our District 51 Governor, Sue Chan DTM

Photo taken on the PIP, Gary Schmidt DTM, District Governor, Sue Chan DTM, and the Organizing Chair, Azizah ACS ALS

After the Welcome dinner, we went to an open-air site to have some drinks and chit chats. What a nice night view of Malacca!

Night view of Malacca town

group photo of Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club

On the next morning, 22nd October, we attended the plenary sessions, with 4 great speakers:

  1. Past District Governor, Sivanganam DTM
  2. Past International President, Gary Schmidt DTM
  3. Accredited speaker, Gerald Green DTM, AS
  4. Past District 87 Governor, Mohamad Ariff DTM

PIP, Gary Schmidt DTM invited an audience to evaluate his speech

Gerald Green DTM AS presented his speech

Mohamad Ariff presented his speech and made some audience cried

After the Plenary sessions, we hung out for a street walk in the China Town of Malacca. We tried out the famous chicken rice, and durian cendol in the China Town.

Yummy durian cendol!! 微笑

Sunset of Malacca

With the accompanion of the sunset of Malacca, we moved ourselves back to hotel to prepare for the Black Tie Gala night!

Dinner of the Gala night!

Photo taken with the convention committee member, Joyce Loh, Gurmeet Singh from BM Bigfoot TMC, and our Immediate Past Area Governor, YS Lee

Congratulations to YS Lee for the award of Past Area H4 Governor!!

Our next station after the Gala Night –> the famous satay celup of Malacca!!

That was not the “lok lok” in Penang, but was the “satay celup” in Malacca, with the paste soup of satay

The last day of the event, 23rd October, it was the contest day!!

Photo taking was prohibited, thus no photo was taken during the session. However, if you joined the session, you would have enjoyed the session a lot! It was full of laughters from all the Humorous Speech contestants! All contestants were so great in telling jokes!

Same for the Speech Evaluation Contest, all constestants were doing great to evaluate the test speaker too!

Although division champion didn’t get the chance to step onto the stage to receive the award, but he is still our Division H Humorous Speech Champion!!

Photo taken during the Division H Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2011

Let’s put our hands together to congratulate our Division H Champion for Humorous Speech Contest!


For more photos, you may click here.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos were taken from facebook of different TMC members.

18th Annual Convention Penang 2011 (Cont.)

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

As mentioned in the previous post about the 18th Annual Convention of District 51, here are the videos recorded on that day.

I’m sorry for delaying, but I still hope that you enjoy watching the video clips and see how we enjoyed the sessions during the convention! :)

18th Annual Convention Penang 2011

Friday, May 6th, 2011

It has been a long time I didn’t help out in this website. I’m back again, and I sincerely thank to YC’s help in maintaining the website. :)

Now, let’s flash back our memories to last weekend. We had our 18th Annual Convention of District 51 for year 2011 in Penang, Bayview Beach Resort!

The convention was held from 29 April ~ 1 May 2011. I have joined Toastmasters Club for almost 2 years, and finally that was the first convention that I managed to attend!

The convention started off with a Welcome Night on 29 April evening with the theme “Arabian Fantasia in Bollywood Dreams”. The guests are encouraged to be in the attire of Arabian and Bollywood. See, these were how we wore during the Welcome Night!

** You may click on the photos to view in larger size **



However, it was not a matter whether you wore according to the attire, we still enjoyed and danced together!

** I have some video clips to be shared out, but they are pending to be uploaded. I will update about the video clips in the next post. **

On the next morning, 30 April, we got the chance to enjoy the speech from the first Vice President Dr. John Lau, as well as the Plenary Session from Past International President, Ted Corcoran. Below is the photo taken during the session of Ted Corcoran. After the session of Ted Corcoran, we had a forum session to discuss on some topics about Toastmasters.


After the session, we had our lunch in the resort. Ops, I missed that group photo session…

After lunch, we were separated into two group and played a few games, just like some teambuilding games, which encouraged the teams to show cooperation and leadership skills. What a waste, we were too into the games and forgot to take some photos of them!

Then, it came to the dinner, the Gala Banquet and Awards Night. All guests were well dressed!


Guess what??

Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club won the second place in the contest of The Best Club Website!!

Congratulations to our club, and we thank to all supports from all members!! Especially YC, who kept on helping in maintaining the website!! ^^

These were the trophy and a pen (Oh no, I took the photo of the wrong angle of the pen…) for the winner, Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club!


After an enjoyable day, we continued to the third day, 1 May 2011. It was the Labor Day, a public holiday. People were enjoying their holiday, but we were enjoying the Speech Contests! There were two contests to be held, which were District International Speech Contest and District Table Topics Contest.

Before contest started, all of us went up to the stage to take a last group photo of that convention. Weren’t we look tidy and smart? :)

Due to the contest rule, we were not allowed to take any photo during the contest. However, we enjoyed the speeches, and I believe we learned a lot from the contestants!

Although the contests have ended, the convention has also ended with a closing ceremony, but the learning journey is never ended.

We share, and we learn together all the time! :)


Disclaimer: Due to my limited photography skills, some of the photos were taken from the albums of some members in the facebook.