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Joint Installation Dinner 2012

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Again, We have our Joint Installation Dinner for Year 2012 but this time,

we are doing it together with District 51, Division H, Area H3 & H4 Toastmasters…

We are proud to join 100 members of Toastmaster together in this memorable event.

Highlights of the dinner, let us review one by one.

First, we are hosted by handsome & pretty Toastmaster of the Evening by:

Toastmaster Jsern & Toastmaster Wuan Ying:

Hippo Dance as Warm Up For the dinner.

Awards & Recognition, conducted by our Immediate Past Division Governor, Distinguish Toastmaster Phang Wai Kheong:

Next we have Installation of Club Officer for Term 2012/2013 conducted by:

Club Officer Term 2012/2013 Installation Ceremony

Toastmasters Got Talent: -

Games conducted by Toastmaster Sharon & Toastmaster YY Tan

Game 1: “Who Are You?” (Toastmaster Table Topic)

Best Speaker of the night : Distinguished Toastmaster Christopher Choong

 Game 2: Planting Coconut Tree

(See the very cute faces of Toastmaster with their hairs “properly” tied)

Best Coconut Tree Planter: Toastmaster Joanne Ng

King of Coconut Tree: Distinguished Toastmaster Christopher Choong

 And last, before dismissal, we have Photo Session of the night.

Joint Installation Dinner 2012 ended successfully! Yea…

A Moment To Seize,

A Moment To Remember…

Click Here For More Photo…

New Term, New Team, New Journey!

Monday, August 8th, 2011

It’s been a couple months that this blog was not updated.

Well, although it is a little bit late, but I would like to announce that…

The new term has been started since 1st July 2011!

Here is our new team of club officers!

Front row (left to right): Kah Moey (President), Angella Wong (VPM), Easter Lee (VPE)
second row (left to right): Somascanthan (VPPR), James Lee (Treasurer), Jane Chong (Secretary), YC Ng (IPP), Jeffrey Ooi (SAA)

Here we have another photo of club officer.

Let’s take a look on how were the club officers be formally installed as official club officers.

It happened during the Division H Joint Installation Dinner (JID) on 6th August 2011, in Taiping, SSL Traders Hotel.

All club officers were to be upstanding on the stage and pledged for their responsibilities during this new term, just as the photos shown below. They were up on the stage follow the positions of the club officers.

Besides the installation of new club officers, there were award given out for the Toastmaster of the Year 2010 / 2011 for each club, and also award for the Area Toastmaster of the Year 2010 / 2011.

Hereby, I would like to congratulate our club members for getting the awards!

Area Toastmaster of the Year 2010 / 2011 obtained by
our Immediate Past President (IPP) – Ng Yu Ching, ACB, CL

We sincerely thank Yu Ching for guiding and helping the club members along the journey in Toastmasters. He showed his effort in getting the club to be in the strong status!

Toastmaster of the Year 2010/ 2011 of Seberang Jaya Toastmasters Club obtained by Ooi Ing Chyuan, CC

Again, we congratulate Ing Chyuan with his good performance, not only in the club but also in the area, division and district level!


Lastly, not forgetting to take a group photo with our Area Governor, Kenny Lee, ACS, ALB (on the second left) and District Governor, Sue Chan, DTM (in the middle).

During the JID, the Division Governor, Phang Wai Keong, DTM, gave a speech and he mentioned a quote from Yoda, the Jedi in Star Wars — “Do or do not. There is no try”.

So, let us DO OUR BEST for this new term!!