Our New Year Meeting in 2013 !!!

Written by yingyeong on January 6th, 2013

Dear All ~ Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club members, Toastmaster & all guests!!!

Welcome to our Happy New Year Club Meeting’s Page… When we say Happy New Year Club Meeting, it is really on New Year Day itself, that’s right, on 1st January 2013!

This, is a very special meeting for us, for everyone, as it is the first day and the beginning of the year.

Everything is new, where a new year comes, so is/are new plan(s).

Our theme for this New Year Meeting: Walking The Path

Where we have consciously or unconsciously walking down our path all this long, WHAT is the path that we will be choosing for this new year of 2013 and on wards?

Are we going to walk the same path or are we changing our path?

We are grateful to have all Toastmasters and visiting Toastmasters sharing their opinion on this very personal topic.














In this meeting, we also:
1. Celebrate Birthday with Toastmaster Club Member (YY Tan)
2. Food exchange, where most of us brought food, put together and eat together!
3. Presenting Special Gifts (Koala Bear Figures) to all Table Topics Speakers
4. Vote out the best Table Topic Speakers of the night
5. Last but not least, Have FUN!!!

From the bottom of our heart, we thank all Toastmasters who have spent their precious night of New Year with us. We hope that you have brought home something valuable and all the best for the YEAR 2013! We hope to see you again in our meetings in 2013.

Thank you.

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Last Meeting of 2012 + 4th Quarter Birthday Celebration!!!

Written by yingyeong on December 25th, 2012

Here today on 18th December 2012, We, the Seberang Jaya Toastmaster celebrated our last club meeting for year 2012 & also, our 4th Quarter Birthday for 2012.

We are really grateful to have all the guests here, in our club.










We manage to capture our guest lists from the board. (Although informal)

Our theme for the night : Follow Your Heart

Indeed, we sincerely hope every one of us, Toastmasters or Guests having a great great moments, throughout this Year 2012.

For the good moments, we appreciate & enjoy for this might be one of the best moment in our life.

For the “Not So Good” moments, let us follow the positive side of our heart, be strong and keep moving forward with a smile. For life is an on going process and we are here to enjoy the process, but not to stop at any point.

Dear Guests, we hope that you enjoy every moment with us for the night, especially in the Table Topic Session & our 4th Quarter Birthday Celebration!

We wish you Happy Birthday, visiting Toastmaster & Guests!

We look forward to meeting you in our next meeting on 1st January 2013.



Lost The Trophy,But Win The Lesson

Written by yingyeong on October 31st, 2012

Winning Trophy Is Good, But If You Fail To Win The Trophy,

                                                                              Then Win The Lesson.

Division Level Humorous Speech Contest 2012

Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club Representative: Y.Y. Tan

It is a success that we made it to the division level, but for this year, we failed to make it to the district level.

Sincere Comment from the Contestant:

“ I am very happy and proud to represent Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club and make it to the division level, even though I failed to make it to the District.

This is my first time participating in a Speech Contest and when I looked back, I realized that I have learnt a lot even though the contest period from Club Level, to Area Level & then to Division Level, was just within a few months.

I still remembered I asked the club member to take video of me when I was giving my speech, and when I looked back the video, I discovered a lot of mistake and imperfection that I have made throughout the whole speech, but, when I compared the “Me” before joining Toastmaster, I am another whole new person who has the courage and confidence to stand in front of crowd, to speak, to inspire and to make people laugh. Hence, I feel so happy even though I fail to win any trophy because for me, “Winning Trophy Is Good, But If You Fail To Win The Trophy, Then Win The Lesson”, and I really have gained a lot of lessons from the participation.

I will learn and participate again in futures, not for the trophy merely, but, for improvement and growth.

Here, I want to take the opportunity to thank you all Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club members and seniors,  for giving me the support, advise and motivation to go further, by giving me useful Speech video to learn, giving me useful advice for my improvement and giving me the best to move on, Thank You Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club!

Not forgetting, for those who think of joining our Toastmaster Club, I strongly encourage you to do so, contact us and join us.

We are all in the learning process and we welcome everyone.

Let us improve together.”

By Y.Y. Tan

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Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club




Nick Vujicic – One of The Best Motivational Speaker, In The World.

Written by yingyeong on October 7th, 2012

Speech is powerful when we know how to speak; But, it gets even more powerful when we know how to speak, and lead by example.

And this, I can say not anyone is able to do so.

Nick Vujicic, one of the best motivational speaker, in the world is a good example for this. Living life without limbs and yet he is able to live life to fullest.

Have a look at below video and you will eventually feel that you are lucky and your life now is not as bad as it seems to be.



Division H Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest 2012

Written by yingyeong on October 7th, 2012

To all Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club members, all toastmasters & all guests, we are pleased to announce that we will be having our Division H Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contest 2012 END OF THIS MONTH!!!

The information is as below:

Representative of Seberang Jaya Toastmaster Club to Division H Contest is:

Y.Y.Tan (Division Level Humorous Speech Contest 2012)

See You There !!!